Many a times people call us up or send mails about their sighting of UFO. There are two prime sources of such ‘reports’ : - when Venus is at its brightest (and much better if there are thing clouds around) and contrails: trails of condensed water vapour made by the exhaust of aircraft engines. As the hot exhaust gases cool in the surrounding air they may precipitate a cloud of microscopic water droplets. If the air is cold enough, this trail will comprise tiny ice crystals.

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During one the public star party of Akashmitra we saw nice contrail above the Moon which was already above the eastern horizon. The sky was not stable as you can see from contrails are not straight and broke later on.
This was the first image
then the aircraft over the moon.

In this we can see the wind twisting the contrail

And finaly it broke

Moon joins Venus and Jupiter - Dec 1, 2008

Presently the western sky is dotted with to brilliant heavenly bodies – Venus and Jupiter.
As the Venus, the goddess of love and beauty is climbing above the horizon and Jupiter, the King of the Gods, is inching towards it. On the evening of December 1st we are presented with amazing site when the Moon joins them.
This is computer graphic artist's simulation (i.e. mine) of how the sky will look at about 7 p.m. on dec 1, 08. Later that night the moon passes right through the gap between the planets but then the trio will be below the horizon.
It will be a trivial matter for one to photograph these heavenly bodies with simple digital camera. And therefore one might start to take photographs on November 30th and December 2nd as well.
This is not such a rare event. One of the memorable event was on Apr 23,1998 when the moon actually crossed over them, the event astronomers call Occultation.